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Media has been at the core of Lammi Sports Management since our founding in 2001.  We have produced television, radio, online and social media content surrounding top teams and athletes in every region of the United States and in every major sport.  In 2015 Lammi Sports Management produced nearly 100 hours of original programming and syndicated over a thousand hours of sports media.  We specialize in connecting sponsors with top athletes and passionate fan bases.  “Creating Lifetime Memories Through the Passion of Sports” comes through in every media partnership, where the association with top athletes aligns sponsors with their targeted consumer.

Lammi Sports Management has expertise in media talent negotiation, digital and social content creation, influencer marketing, regional television syndication and TV and radio show production.  We pride ourselves on understanding the value driver for athletes, sponsors, broadcast partners and viewers alike.  Lammi Sports can offer its partners media solutions on a local, regional and national level.