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LSM Founder & CEO, Brian Lammi, Reviews this Year’s Super Bowl Ads

February 5th, 2019

Favorite Ads 

NFL 100 Years 

The NFL scores a touchdown by keeping the story on its history, star players and the fun that football can bring. Directed by Peter Berg, this commercial featured an incredible array of NFL stars: Michael Strahan, Joe Montana, Barry Sanders, Tom Brady, Franco Harris, and Patrick Mahomes. For a league that has its share of negative stories, this football-focused ad was perfect.


Hyundai “The Elevator with Jason Bateman”

Amidst commercials lacking in funny moments, this commercial delivers by comparing car shopping to jury duty, a colonoscopy, and a root canal. This commercial got our Super Bowl party’s attention, with nodding heads, laughter and “40something” men grimacing.


Microsoft “We All Win”

Microsoft delivers a powerful message that “when everybody plays, we all win”. The commercial is emotional and does a great job building the family and friends connection of gaming. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is featured throughout the ad, but the star of the show are the young gamers with limited mobility and their families. This ad was one of my favorite commercials of the night.


Bumble “The Ball is in Her Court”

A great commercial featuring Serena Williams encouraging women to “Don’t Wait” for their opportunities. Though my daughter is not allowed to date until she is 30, I plan on showing her the commercial tonight for the overall message of empowerment.

Audi “Cashew” – Another fun spot, as a man finds his grandpa and an Audi in the afterlife, only to have his life saved and be brought back down to earth. Clever, fun and a good tagline to close are always a winning combination!

Worst Ad

MintMobile – “Chunky Style Milk”

Not sure why cheap wireless service decided to gross out viewers with actors drinking chunky milk, but it missed the mark for many viewers. It was not very informative for a newer product, and the humor was not good enough to take up valuable Super Bowl commercial time with the set-up.

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