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DDThankYouTour: Donald Driver trades in pads for puffs at Wisconsin State Fair

August 15th, 2017

Story by Megan Pospychala, courtesy of Fox 6 Milwaukee.

WEST ALLIS — Another beloved Green Bay Packers legend traded in his pads for puffs Friday morning, August 11th. Donald Driver learned how to make cream puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair.

“It’s like Lambeau, too cold,” said Driver inside the fridge where the ingredients for the cream puffs are made. “I don’t think I ever got used to Lambeau, so I can’t get used to cream puffs. I was trying to focus but I was struggling.”

The former Green Bay Packers receiver stopped at the fair to get a lesson in filling the iconic cream puffs. He then made his way around the fair, hairnet and all, and handed them out. Driver even sampled a few himself!


Full story with accompanying media can be found here.

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