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After childhood homelessness, James Jones doesn’t fret over uncertainty of free agency

March 9th, 2016

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James Jones phone wasn’t exactly ringing off the hook — or whatever today’s cell phone equivalent is — as NFL free agency began on Monday.

“Oh, it opened up today?” the Green Bay Packers’ veteran wide receiver said with a laugh Monday night from his home in San Ramon, California. “I didn’t even know.”

Despite setting a career high in receiving yards (890) with the Packers last season and a career best in receptions (73) with the Oakland Raiders the year before, the 31-year-old Jones isn’t expecting a lot of calls early in the open market. He has a more pressing challenge: Finding suitable “burn some energy” post-preschool activities for sons James (4) and Jordan (2) on a rainy afternoon.

“It’s the same old soup for me — three years straight of sitting and waiting,” said Jones, who left the Packers for the Raiders as a free agent in March 2014, then was cut after one season by the Raiders last May and returned to the Packers last season (after a brief training-camp stopover with the New York Giants). “It’s crazy, I’ve been playing good football all three years. I felt I had good seasons. But it’s fine. It’s fine.”

If Jones doesn’t seem overly concerned about the uncertainty of where he’ll play next season, that’s partly because he spent much of his childhood unsure of where he’d sleep each night, homeless on the streets of San Jose.

“Ever since I was little — going from motel to motel, sleeping on park benches — God has always worked it out for me. Always put me in the right situation.Always,” Jones said. “Going through all this free-agency stuff, I really don’t worry about it.”

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